WAOP Seminar

In collaboration with KLI, WAOP offers four 1-day seminars a year in which you can visit senior Work and Organizational Psychology Professors to learn about their successful methodological and theoretical approaches. These highly interesting seminars are specifically designed for PhD students in the Netherlands and Belgium. Each seminar will be organized by a different WOP professor which gives you the unique opportunity to visit other universities in The Netherlands and Belgium!
Attending a seminar will provide you with 1 ECTS per seminar, and you can follow as many as you want.
The following seminars are confirmed for 2017-2018:


1. FINISHED: Wednesday, October 4 2017 – prof. Reinout de Vries, Free University Amsterdam & University of Twente – Substance and Style in Personality and Leadership

2. FINISHED: Wednesday, January 31 2018 – prof. Marise Born, Erasmus University Rotterdam – Personnel Selection and Validity Generalization Analysis

3. NEXT COURSE: Thursday, March 15 2018 – prof. Evangelia Demerouti, Eindhoven University of Technology – Job Crafting from a Diary Perspective

4. Friday, June 8 2018 – prof. Annelies van Vianen, University of Amsterdam – The Basic Tenets of Person-Environmental Fit

Please refer to this document for more information about the seminars and the structure.

Want to register?
In order to register, WAOP members (i.e., you are automatically a waop member when you participated in the last waop conference) can send an e-mail to KLI[at]UU.nl.
KLI members can register through the KLI website (see http://www.kurtlewininstituut.nl).

What if you are both KLI and WAOP member?
Then register as KLI member through the KLI website (see http://www.kurtlewininstituut.nl).

We hope to see many of you during the seminars! As the number of participants per seminar is restricted, assign on time to the seminar that you are interested in.