During the WAOP conference on the 22nd of November at the University of Amsterdam, the WAOP best paper price was awarded again.

Best Paper Award 2019:

1st place: Lianne Aarntzen Belle Derks, Elianne van Steenbergen, Michelle Ryan, Tanja van der LippeWork-Family Guilt as a Straightjacket: An Interview and Diary Study on Consequences of Mothers’ Work-Family Guilt.

Honourable Mentions:

Jonas Dora, Madelon van Hooff, Sabine Geurts, Michiel Kompier, Erik Bijleveld – The effect of opportunity costs on mental fatigue in labor/leisure tradeoffs.

Marijntje Zeijen, Paraskevas Petrou & Arnold. B. Bakker – When Asking for Help is Helpful: A Dyadic Study on the Episodic Effects of Social Support



During the WAOP conference on the 21st of November at the KU Leuven, the WAOP best dissertation price and best paper price was awarded again. The first two dissertations can be downloaded here. Congratulations to all winners!

1st place: Inge Wolsink – Cognitive, Affective, and Motivational Processes Underlying Proactive Behavior

2nd place: Michelle Van Laethem – Reciprocity Between Work Stress and Sleep: Perseverative Cognition as Underlying Mechanism

3rd place: Haijang Wang – Leadership, Job Crafting and Work Outcomes: Can Leaders Cultivate Well-Performing Job Crafters?


Best Paper Awards 2018:

1st place: Marijntje Zeijen, Paraskevas Petrou, Arnold. B. Bakker & Benjamin van Gelderen – The link between support provision and the provider ’s work engagement: The role of the receiver’s emotional demands and learning goal orientation

2nd place: Anahí Van Hootegem & Hans De Witte – Qualitative job insecurity and informal learning: a longitudinal test of occupational-self-efficacy and psychological contract breach as mediators


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